About Me

I make and sell widgets and I like helping  others make and sell their widgets.

What I’m currently working on  thinking about & studying ,  (in all the free time that I have):

  • Machine Learning / AI  . I’m a bit behind on the classwork this week 😉
  • Developing a blockchain platform and use cases for a blockchain  for asset management

How to use gamification and/or  game thinking and/or positive psychology to:

  • Increase performance & productivity  ( and no, it’s not about badges and keeping score )
  • Drive innovation
  • Solve BIG problems
  • Create engagement
  • Create great and meaningful stuff
  • Generate your best life possible . Yeah I know , that  last one is dangerously close to sounding all new-age-y 🙂
  • I think that’s enough to keep me busy 🙂

Here is a presentation I did on Gamification a while back for the NorthWest Market Research Association


Some other stuff about me

I live in Portland, Oregon.  But Location is really immaterial when you can work online and on the phone.

I like using “But” and “And” at the beginning of sentences.

I’m really good at what I do (when I know what I’m doing). I love to solve problems and love working out processes. Some call it “systems thinking” I just call it thinking. I do it pretty well.

I don’t use buzz words and when I do, remind me to slap myself. If you hire someone and they use buzzwords, fire them.

Everything I know how to do I know by doing. (generally)

I’m smarter than the average bear.  It’s true, while bears are pretty smart as animals go, I’m pretty sure I  graduated high school.

I learn and absorb disparate things quickly and can find connections and relevancy in a snap (Most times. My kid kicks my butt at Connect 4). I used to think everyone was like me, but apparently I’m an oddity.

I can train others in something I just learned how to do yesterday.

I can implement anything I know

I’m the guy people hire when the $#!t hits the fan. I’m like Mr. Wolf,   I solve problems. In fact,  its what I excel at.