OnDEC interview Online Marketing with Manny Acevedo

I had an opportunity to talk with Michele Jennae from OnDEC Live about online marketing. I had a great time doing it and if you come across this post and like it, comment below and share the love     You can subscribe to Michele’s YouTube Channel here

9 Points To Get You Off Your Butt & Get The Right Things Done

A bit of context for this: I originally wrote this as  response in a Facebook group. The original poster was looking for “tips” on beating procrastination and improving performance. What follows is what I suggested. It a very stream of consciousnesses thing. It should be noted,  that I too am very human and suffer through bouts of procrastination. This has helped me. … [Read more…]

Filtering with extreme prejudice

Every once in a while, someone will recommend a blog/article. This usually comes via Facebook and twitter. Most of the pieces are good and some are valuable. Many are just entertaining. But sometimes…. they are crap.  When they share crap ,I filter them with extreme prejudice. The ones that get me going are usually written … [Read more…]