Filtering with extreme prejudice

Every once in a while, someone will recommend a blog/article. This usually comes via Facebook and twitter.
Most of the pieces are good and some are valuable. Many are just entertaining. But sometimes…. they are crap.  When they share crap ,I filter them with extreme prejudice.

The ones that get me going are usually written by someone that has no business ever writing. They use blogging as a medium for their really bad poetry that expresses absolutely nothing to me about the widget they are hawking.

if you are a business owner and you have a blog, good for you. Write what your audience and customers want to know about.  Then  ask yourself this:
Why am I writing this?
Can I write this in a way that is easy to understand, creates value and gets shared?
Is it being shared by my audience because its good?
Or are my friends sharing it, just to be nice?

If you get a ton of junk I encourage you to filter and eliminate as well. Life is too short for crap.
Mine included.

Manny Acevedo ~ Sorry about the typos. This was sent from my phone. And yes I can type really fast on phone. Can't you?



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